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It is more difficult to sum up the fashion trend nowadays. Because the fashion trend become more democratic, and consumers tends personality. The designers make their free works by following the market, which to be more variety. But the fashion always has its characteristics, and now we gonna put out these - the Spring 2014 handbag trends.

Handbags are not that diverse compared with the dresses. The trend characteristics are concentrated better. In spring and summer 2014, there is no prominent change of handbags' styles. People are more favor in the big bag, thus small one are still in the classic trends. 
Trend 1: Backpack
If we must summarize the trends of 2014 spring and summer bags. Then the shoulder bag may count the one which is popular in the sports fashion. The mentioned shoulder bag is not just a shoulder bag. They are basically not nylon, which do not even have to shoulder carrying. The Fashion keywords is urban, chic, fine. Coach handbags is in the list!

Trend 2 : White
I asked a colleague before, "Clothing in white color is easy to be dirty, and that's why people dares not to choose. But how this color suddenly heat up this year ?" My Colleagues say, because on certain star has carry the white Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag, then the white becomes the trend. Anyway, this spring and summer: white is THE color. So hot as the Coach handbags factory online photos

Trend 3 : printing and mixed colors
Prints and mixed colors always attractive sight, especially on the screen. The last winter 's ice cream color, this spring and summer jewelry color, seasonal color these 3 colors always appears in digital marketing and social media.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, Marc Jacob take the creative director of LV at last season ( spring 2014 ). He works depth in the logo campaign and come with the great success. So if there is no logo, what to get recognition? Very simple, relying on the unique style and best quality, and that is actually a lot of independent designers have been insisting on. Coach handbags factory online also lead her own logo, luxury brands, the beauty Symbol.

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